School Reform


Center for Collaborative Education – Boston
CCE’s mission is to improve student learning in K-12 public schools and districts by promoting educational reform that is focused on school and system-wide change. In particular they are focused on the development of small schools as a means of innovation.


Coalition of Essential Schools
A wealth of information about the reform program founded by Ted Sizer and based at Brown University. Includes details about the Coalition’s principles, projects, publications and membership. You can also access the online version of its journal “Horace.”


Critical Explorers
“Help teachers involve students in real intellectual work … as they investigate historical artifacts and other materials that engage their minds and imaginations. Collaborate with teachers in their classrooms to design and document explorations and to develop and share inquiry-based curricula and instructional approaches. .. setting the stage for authentic, democratic learning in Greater Boston and beyond.” Founded by A former student, colleague, leading translator and interpreter of Jean Piaget as well as renowned Professor of Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Empowered by Play
“Helping families and teachers protect and promote imaginative play in our way-too-busy, consumer-driven, media-filled world.”

Fair Test

Online home of the National Center for Fair & Open Testing, an advocacy organization working to end the abuses, misuses and flaws of standardized testing and ensure that evaluation of students and workers is fair, open, and educationally sound.


Forum for Education and Democracy
“The Forum for Education and Democracy is devoted to supporting educational policies and practices that prepare the young for a life of active and engaged citizenship.” The forum’s conveners include: George Wood, Linda Darling-Hammond, Deborah Meier, Ted Sizer, John Goodlad, Wendy Puriefoy, among other notables in education policy and reform.

In Defense of Childhood
“Our purpose is to broaden and refocus public conversation about early childhood and its long-term implications for a child’s life and for society; to restore imaginative play and hands-on, experiential learning as central activities in kindergartens and preschools; and to support stable, loving relation-ships with all adults in children’s lives.”

Deborah Meier
Deborah Meier is a leading educational activist and reformer, dedicated to democratic public education. She has been on the forefront of the small schools movement as the founder and director of several highly successful small public schools in New York City and Boston. Her site includes links to much of her writings, including a semi-regular column.


Middle Web
A project supported by the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, which is dedicated to reform and innovation in middle schools, with an emphasis on urban issues. Lots of good links to other online resources.

No Child Left
“ is a site advocating a sound approach to school improvement.” This site offers articles, resources and cartoons critiquing No Child Lef Behind and other standardizatin based school policies as well as alternatives to such policies.


The North Dakota Study Group on Evaluation
NDSG is a diverse network of progressive educators dedicated to advocacy for useful, fair, and democratic ways to document and assess children’s learning and offering a criticism of educational reform and practice in the light of an enduring concern with democracy and the state of childhood.


School Redesign Network
“The School Redesign Network at Stanford University is a national research and professional development organization fostering equitable and transformative school systems. We are affiliated with the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education.”

Susan Ohanian
Susan Ohanian, a dsitiguished educator and writer, focuses on the outrages of standardized testing and NCLB, often sharing the latest in news and other updats, as well as many other useful resources.


Teaching for Change
Teaching for Change provides curriculum guides and other resources to help teachers engage students in innovative classroom activities that deal with issues of equity and social justice.

Joan Wink
Joan is a professor of Education at CSU Stanislaus ansd author of several books on education and teaching. Her areas of particlar interest include multicultural education and critical pedagogy.
“The purpose of my personal web pages is to share resources with teachers and learners.”


If you have ones you think others should know about–pleas post them in the comments section.

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