My Writings

Published work:

(with Meier, D.) (2012). Working to awaken: Implications for teaching from a social perspective. In L. Denti & P. Whang (Eds.), Rattling chains: Exploring social justice in education. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishing.

(2011). Use of computer technology for instruction in public schools. Paper presented at the Hawaii International Conference on Education. Oahu, HI. (TechnologyPaper_HICU)

(with Serna, C.) (2010). Preparing pre-service teachers to work with English language learners. Paper presented at the Hawaii International Conference on Education, Oahu, Hawaii, January 2010. (ELLpaper-HawaiiProceedings)

(2009). Reading First. Critical Literacy, 3(2), 69-83. (Meier_ReadingFirst-pdf)

(2009, May 21). [Review of the book Coaching whole school change: Lessons in practice for a small high school]. Teachers College Record. ID 15631

(2007, November 1). Can computers free teachers to teach more creatively? Monterey County Weekly.
Commentary on the role of using computers for programmed instruction, and likely effects of such an approach.

(2003) Eastside High School, School Redesign Network, Stanford University.
This is a case study of how a large failing comprehensive high school in a major urban area is attempting to restructure itself into small learning communities.

(2001). Peer writing response groups in a language minority classroom. Teaching & Learning: The Journal of Natural Inquiry & Reflective Practice, 16(1), 7-16.
An examination of the author’s classroom practice of using peer writing response groups in a bilingual fifth/sixth grade classroom. Along with the issue of how this strategy helps in improving writing arose questions of classroom culture and student empowerment.

Link to journal:

(1999). A fabric of half-truths: A response to Keith Baker on structured English immersion. Phi Delta Kappan, 80(9).
Meier examines the research on bilingual education and English immersion in response to
Baker’s claim that English immersion has been demonstrated to be the most effective method of teaching language minority students. (BakerResponse)

Unpublished manuscripts:

(2005) Decision making in schoolwide professional communities. Dissertation, Stanford University.
This dissertaition examines two schools known for their strong collaborative communities and record of shared decison making. This qualitative study examines the factors that facilitated or hindered effective decision making in each of these communities. It is based on a year long qualitative study of the two school (

Kahng, J., Meier, N., Um, E., (2001) Proposal for the creation of small high schools. Stanford University.
In this paper the authors develop a plan for how a troubled school district could create new small high schools. Includes a literature review of the effectiveness of small schools.  (

Gove, A., Meier N., (2000) California charter schools: forcing competition and innovation in public schools. Stanford University.
In this paper the authors review the research on California’s charter schools to investigate to what extent they live up to their mission of fostering competition and innovation in the public school system as a force for school improvement.